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Each member of our team has experienced a powerful transformation as the result of the twelve steps, and we spend much of our time carrying that message to the addict and alcoholic who’s still suffering.

We are not addiction treatment professionals, and we’re very clear on that fact. We know how to stay in our own lane. But we have helped hundreds of people recover from alcoholism and drug addiction, and our personal experience proves that the twelve-step program saves lives.

Our Primary Purpose

From a sincere desire to help, we created a safer, more structured and effective sober and transitional living solution. The Oaks House Sober Living is owned and managed by people with the right mix of recovery, experience, and professionalism.

Founder Sober Living

Luciana Monteiro

Co-Founder & Operations Director

Luciana has worked in the Thousand Oaks and Malibu recovery community for 9 years. She was a Residential Advisor for Siesta House, Wildwood Treatment Center, and the Beach House Malibu Sober Living. Her passion for recovery and experience in treatment inspired her to open The Oaks Sober Living home in 2015. Since then, she has taken the unofficial title of “house mom” for the clients and provides a loving, safe place for them to recover.

James Coburn

Co-Founder & Business Director

Jim has been a part of the recovery community in Thousand Oaks for over 10 years. He has 24 years of experience starting, owning, and operating companies in the Healthcare Industry around the LA area. After finding the solution in the 12 steps, he made it his life’s goal to pass along the solution to other alcoholics and drug addicts. That passion combined with his experience launching new ventures led him to open a safe structured home for alcoholics and drug addicts seeking recovery.


We have a Women’s Recovery House and a Men's Recovery House

We provide a safe, structured and supportive environment to foster the ideal social
and environmental conditions that facilitate successful long term recovery.


The comments below are just a sample of the hundreds of people
who have been transformed and are enjoying long term recovery.

Theresa M.

Moving into the oaks house has been such a blessing. The warm and loving atmosphere is just what I was looking for. I felt like I was part of the family on my first day. The staff is committed to helping their clients build a program of recovery that is sustainable - so we can achieve long term sobriety. They brought me to a meeting every day, help me find a sted guide, and got me into a really good intensive outpatient program. They have introduced me to and help me integrate with an amazing recovery community.

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